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Healing Philosophy

I believe it is your divine destiny to live trauma-free, no matter what happened to you.

Both natural & supernatural healing must take place in order for you to be truly free.



Natural remedies are the practical tools and techniques that bring comfort to your mind, body, and emotional health.


These natural healing tools are things like self-care, learning to take good care of you, choosing healthy relationships, finding your voice, being kind to your body and many other things. 


Self-care routines build self-worth which leads to creating a grounded, authentic sense of self-love. 

There are millions of posts online about healthy living, but healthy living will never remove the weight of trauma from your spirit because that weight can only be dealt with in the supernatural realm. 


Supernatural healing deals with the unseen weight and pain of trauma and leads you back to complete freedom. Unlike the aura or energy body (which is extra physical and still part of the natural healing realm,) supernatural healing goes deeper into the core of who you are to wipe out every last trace of trauma from your entire spirit & soul.

Treating trauma with natural healing techniques only will bring relief and comfort that must be managed and maintained continuously. This is why you may feel frustrated after years of trying everything to heal but you still feel the weight of your pain. 

But supernatural healing leads to total freedom because it aligns you with your God-given, original design, and as heaven comes close to your spirit, all your darkness must leave.

Supernatural healing happens when your heart & spirit connect with God's heart and his holy spirit. It happens when you turn your inward 'heart' toward God and receive his love.

You are designed to be able to connect with God and the supernatural realm. You will know you've encountered heaven when you begin to feel lighter and sense the kind of peace that is unexplainable, untraceable, and unimaginable. 


What to expect as you heal